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What is AR?

Augmented Reality allows to combine virtual and real images. In contrast to Virtual Reality, which immerses the user in a completely artificial environment, Augmented Reality allows the user to maintain contact with the real world while interacting with virtual objects.

Can be used in many areas such as real state, robotics, manufacturing, marketing, etc

Helps to improve usability by acting on the interface itself

Requires little interaction from the user

Is unique, different and innovative

Recent Work

Check out our latest Videos and Contact Us to get your own Augmented Reality project !


Real Estate

  • emotionAR has helped several luxury properties better define their digital image using Augmented Reality to provide detailed unit and property walkthroughs and even interior design examples that are even positionally aware.

    We have the right technology to get your property noticed!

    Click here to learn more about this innovative technology and its relationship with Real Estate.

  • Real Estate combined with Augmented Reality

Business Cards

  • Need an axe to break the ice with with a potential customer? 

    Turn your traditional business card into a portal of information that provides current catalogues, social media history, or even micro-games themed to your business!  

    Contact us and ask for a special customization of your current business cards!

  • Business Cards



  • Discover a new world of innovation and creativity that offers a wide variety of options that enhance your print media and help you give your customers additional valuable information and features from brochures, leaflets, and other printed materials! 

    Click here to read more about this new technology!


  • Brochures with Augmented Reality

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Mobile - Augmented Reality


Customer Feedback

emotionAR provided a great level of service and support to our needs in Argentina with relation to an IT project we worked on together.

- Scott Fraser (Business Unit Manager at Weatherford)


emotionAR team is very hardworking and committed to the job. They have a clear focus on objectives and they quickly adjust to customer needs. They are always concerned in acquiring new skills in information technology.

- Gabriel Kozuch (Account, Planning and Reporting Manager at Alcon Laboratories)

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