The Essence of AR

How to get the competition to talk about us in a positive way using Augmented Reality?

Making business has always been about creating successful human relationships of trustiness to communicate our ideas, products and services. The clarity of the message we're transmitting to the others, determines how the others see us as a company. We are little more than ambassadors of our brands and business, and like Marshall McLuhan said "The medium is the message".

What if your message could be transmitted in a way that everybody will continue talking about your company even if you're not there? What if you transform your one-shoot-only moment, to create multiple opportunities for communicating your message?

For those organizations pursuing excellence and distinction, the road to success and market penetration is a road of embracing new ideas and new visions, a road of creativity and dynamic exposition of ideas and concepts.

In this field, new technologies in the area of Augmented Reality offer these organizations the opportunity of creating new and better avenues to stimulate customers to interact in a different way with your Products or Services. Interactive contents full of new textures, colors and functionality not offered before.

Augmented Reality has the capacity of engulfing customers and competitors alike, offering much more than the simple process of reading an add in a brochure, or a product label in a magazine. It provides a new, immersive and vibrant experience produced by the self-animation of the 3D rendering, video, images, audio, contextual information in any combination or flavor at the hands of the reader.

This technology offers a totally new approach, communicating not only ideas through graphical representations of products and services but involving the active participation of the reader to produce the views, close-ups and motions in a fascinating, almost magic way. This experience has never been offered to readers until today.

Can you imagine what your Business Card can tell about your company, after pointing it with your smartphone or tablet? What if your Brochures and Flyers could present videos, 3D models and contextual information to drive traffic to you and your website? What if your customers could repeat your Company's presentation to their co-workers, friends and family?

In this atmosphere emotionAR will guide and support your organization before, during and after the implementation of an Augmented Reality project. At the end of the process, your customers will enjoy time after time the experience you have offered them because of your decision of employing the new ideas of the day. And naturally, your competitors will also appreciate your leadership, enjoying time after time the same experience like your customers do, as they silently admire your organization.

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